Checking in

Hello friends.  The season has come to a close and we are back home relaxing after the best summer in our 30 year history.  More new friends joined our long time guests this year than ever before.  What a wonderful way to spend a season!  Our last guests of the fall were none other than an entire group of beer salesman, distributors and even the owner of a brewery!  Needless to say we had a blast with fishing tournaments, campfires, stories and laughter.  We could not have asked for a more fun way to end it all.

No time to rest however as we gear up for next year.  A few items of note:

1.  We are currently sending out all deposit emails for 2016.  If you have booked for next year and do not receive an email from us within the next week call us ASAP.

2. Talking about 2016, May and June have just a few cabins left.  If this is your preferred time call us immediately so we can get you lined up.

3.  We are already hard at work on upgrades for next summer.  We are currently re-leveling cabin #2 which has settled a little too much over the last 23 years.  We just completed the project and found it was off by 11.5 inches!  Yikes.  But with new footings and beams it is as good as new.  While we are at it we are frantically looking for a new motor for that private hot-tub.  Not to worry, on my list.

4.  Other items of note (also occurring this fall): ripping into the kitchen and putting in a new hood, fire suppression system and exhaust fan.  New doors in all duplex cabins that are fire proof and automatically close.  Linking smoke alarms in these cabins so if one goes off they all do.  And a whole list of items to keep the fire marshal happy.

5.  We plan to get a few more brand new out-lake boats to replace some of the older ones.  This will also include perhaps a few more motors.  On a side note we replaced the canoe on Lisa lake with a boat!  First time ever.  It is a dynamite little lake (off of Mirror) and has some fast action.

On the media front we had two shows filmed this summer and they are in final stages of editing now to be broadcast this winter.  We will let you know when they air for sure.  

We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Ted, Virginia, Caroline & Sophia