Weather, fishing and more fishing

Been a few weeks since out last update and all is well on the fishing front.  Bass fishing continues to get better as the spawn is over and bass are now on structure.  Had our first mayfly hatch a few days ago which kept our fishermen hopping.  Those fishermen that were able to get up early were able to cash in on some good fishing as the bass gorged themselves on mayflies.  Same for the evening bite right at dusk.

Walleye fishing has slowed but they are still being caught.  Multiple fronts have come in and out during this time, which is typical for early July weather.  One needs to be nimble during times like this.  Fish the front end of a system for anything, walleye and pike during the front and hope to find the bass when it passes.  Standard stuff.

Raining now but rest of the week looks stable and quite warm with temperatures in the mid 80s and water low 70s.