Been a few weeks since we last checked in.  And what a fortnight it has been.  I have seen more rain during this time than in the last 30 years.  Monsoon type rain.  Flooding throughout the region.  Boats sunk no matter how many times we bailed.  Just brutal conditions.

This has made our fishermen pick their spots for sure.  Water temps are back in the high 60s.  However the weather has had a detrimental effect on the bass spawn.  This will be a poor class for sure as the spawn never had much of a chance.  Many nests were abandoned, some never even happened as the bass gave up.  Such is nature I guess.  The weather also took out our first mayfly hatch.  Only a smattering of bugs emerged this week as compared to 10s of thousands in years past.

Walleye fishing continues to be very strong with 150+ fish recorded over 27 inches.  Bass fishing is also quite good as the bass are heading to their summer spots.  Still not much of a top-water bite but that will come.  We have been sold out for the past 7 weeks and continue to meet new guests each week which is plenty of fun.  As we get into the end of July spots will open up and we would love for you to join us.

Have a great holiday weekend