We are starting to see an uptick in calls and emails regarding the border. So I (Ted) will try to address the same question(s) for everyone:
– I do not have a crystal ball and know when the border will open
– That being said I am on numerous boards, committees, and groups that have been discussing this question endlessly, for months. Every week. And the bottom line is there is no common consensus
– Some feel that a logical opening (based on many things) would be the July 4th weekend. Others think August. A smaller minority not at all this summer. There are reasons for each one of these timeframes. But they are just educated guesses right now because there are MANY variables at play here. Medical. Political. Economic. Personal. Etc.
– If I were a gambling man (and I am as I own a fishing lodge) I would GUESS that in 3 months things should dramatically change for the better. And that we will have a delayed border opening. And it will be this summer. I personally do not think the border will be closed all summer again. But what I believe to be and what is are pretty close to mutually exclusive…..
– There are many groups/organizations lobbying for timeframes, and pilot projects, and approaches to making it work. To think nothing is being done would be incorrect. But I feel your frustration. A hundred times over.
– The next 4-6 weeks will be a game changer in either direction. We could all
be much better, or variants (in one or both countries) could cause us pause. Right now its a little too soon to say either way.
– So, hold on a little bit longer. I truly believe we will have a good feel for the rest of the summer by the end of April. And that belief is based on numerous factors, not just a hunch.
Again, we will be open all summer. For everyone. With a full staff. In a safe environment. In God’s country. And we will welcome everyone with open arms (and a facemask and hand sanitizer if need be).
Hang in there.