Winter 2014

January 8th

We trust you had an enjoyable holiday season with family and friends and are staying warm wherever you are. If it makes you feel any warmer the lodge has seen temperatures as low as -35 degrees this past week, so it could be worse! A couple items of note:

First, we just had a last minute cancellation in June. Coupled with a few other dates this is what we have left in June: May 29- June 4 (6 nights), 7-11 (4 nights), 8-12 (4 nights) and 21-25 (also 4 nights). We still have availability from the open in May until June which in my personal opinion can be THE BEST fishing of the season. Read the blog from last year and see the hundreds of fish caught right after ice out. When the Lindner trophy walleye show airs in 2 weeks we expect May to sell out (as we open on the same day as the walleye opener). Just a heads up.

Speaking of which, Al Lindner’s 2 fishing shows have been slated for airing on their web-site. You can follow the link and see when they will air in your city but in general starting January 24th it will be broadcast worldwide on Fox Sports, WFN and The Outdoor Channel which pretty much covers every TV in the country. We hope you enjoy it. Ironically at the same time we will be working the fly fishing show in NY city and as such we expect it to get a little crazy. And to throw fuel on the fire the week after (starting January 28th) we will be off the grid as we spend some time with our chef and her husband (and dock manager) Sam in the Bahamas chasing bonefish. We realize this timing may not be ideal but all events were scheduled many months ago independently of one another.

When we return we will confirm new reservations and return calls/emails in the order received. For new customers we apologize for the delayed response during this period but again we will get back to you! And not to beat a dead horse, but for returning customers that have not yet booked please let us know your thoughts. We don’t want you to get locked out. I have already received some comments from guests on seeing times/dates disappear.

And finally, for the first time ever Orvis will be hosting a 4 night Smallmouth Bass fly-fishing school in late July. This is the first event of its kind and will feature Orvis professional fly-fishing instructor Peter Kutzer on-site teaching fly fishing to a select few (only 8) guests. For guests looking to learn how to fly-fish or more experienced fishermen that want to learn about smallmouth tactics, techniques, hands-on casting instruction etc this is a rare and unique opportunity for you. There will be classroom presentations (I will also present), on the water instruction and guided fishing the entire time. The entire lodge will be reserved for just 8 guests meaning the staff to guest ratio will be 2-1! Plenty of service for sure. This just hit the airwaves and we expect it to be sold out by the end of the month. If you are interested call me ASAP and I’ll get you signed up.

That’s it for now. In just 3 months we will be opening up the lodge and looking forward to another incredible season.