This is our first post of the season.  We opened just 2 weeks ago and what a great start to the season.  At the ope we have beautiful weather.  Temperatures in the 70s, sun and light chop.  The bass responded immediately, walleye finished up their spawn and lake trout were caught regularly.

Then came the dreaded cold front.  And we mean COLD!  Sleet, temps in the 30s.  And water temperature drops of 6-8 degrees across the board.  So we hit the reset button and waited it out.  It took a few days for the fishery to recover and recover it did.  By early mid-week the walleye fishing exploded.  We already have 40 fish 28 inches or larger with a 32 and a 34 (on camera).  The bass are now making nests and getting ready for the spawn (and on the out-lakes some have already spawned and males are guarding the eggs).  

The forecast looks promising with warmer weather here to stay.  Water temps are in the high 50s and low 60s and should continue to rise.  The walleye fishing will continue to get better and then we are off to the races.

We are looking forward to seeing new and returning guests and still have availability this summer at all times of the season

See you soon