Its warm, and sunny and beautiful.  And the fishing is indeed easy.  Bass have spawned and the males are guarding the soon to be fry.  Walleye are shallow and easily caught.  Water temperatures are in the high 60s and even warmer on some of the out-lakes.

Summer is here.  Our first major hatch of the season just occurred.  Dragonflies are ubiquitous.  And that means top-water!  Spinner and plastics are also producing well and the lake trout are still cooperating.  

On a different note for those coming up please remember that check-in is 2 PM.  I know you are excited and want to get on the water but we need to time to check-out guests, flip cabins, service out-lakes and take care of the fleet upon your arrival.  You will have plenty of time to fish your first day with sunset at 10 PM.

See you soon