Been awhile since we have updated here.  Sorry guys.  I will try to make it to the computer more often.  Speaking of which my laptop died last week which didn’t help.

June flew by in a flash.  Many fronts in and out which made it challenging to say the least.  But spring is behind us and summer is in full swing.  Warm stable weather is the key and warm it is.  Water temperatures have risen above 70 in nearly every lake, close to the peak in a usual summer.  Big bass are hitting the myriad of hatches we have seen.  Right now we are in the middle of mayfly hatch #4 and dragonfly hatch #2.  So you need to pick your spots and throw accordingly.

The walleye bit has accelerated with many 28s and larger hitting our nets.  Many.  The lodge is full new many returning guests and new groups who are excited to hit our waters.  And the excitement is fun to see.  

As we get into late July we will slow slightly and then ramp back up for an August that will be busy indeed.  For those of you that like to come in June we are now booking 2 years out.  So if June is for you let me know and I will get you in the books.  

See you soon, Mike.