The last 10 days or so have been dynamic.  Okay, I realize I say that a lot but last week was some of the worst rain I have ever seen in my 29 year of coming to Canada.  Driving, hard rain for 36 hours.  Nearly 6 inches.  So much that even many hardcore fishermen took a day off.  Needless to say the boats were flooded, one engine was lost (and is in for repair) and the lake rose up seemingly overnight.  The road was washed out and even our new roofs took a beating.  

My hats off to John Barlow who despite this went out and had a monster day on the water.  7 walleye in one day with several 27s and a 29 to end the trip.  He put us all to shame.  Well done John.  The Gasvoda group (commonly referred to as the walleye guys) had a great week with many large fish and Chris and Tim McBarnes had 2 fish over 30 inches.  Fish of a lifetime for sure.

The bass fishing has been steady.  Top-water bite has been on but the larger fish have been feeding on crayfish so jigs with twisty tails have been deadly.  Sandy Sanders (a guest of 30 years) had one of his best days on the water in Wolf and many other guests have recorded killer numbers. 

We are back to warmer, steady weather with temperatures in the high 70s.  Water temperatures are high 60s pretty much everywhere.  Mud and Wolf have been fishing well as has Shannon, Mirror and Portage.  But many never leave the main lake as the fishing has been excellent.

We are in full reservation mode for 2018 and June is starting to get tight.  We are also taking reservations for 2019 and have already received several 2 years out.  In a few weeks Al Lindner will be joining us for a new TV show and we can’t wait to see our old friend.

We still have a few spots left this summer if you want to slip away.