That title explains the past few weeks.  Like clockwork we got our 3-4 days of HOT weather.  Well, hot for us.  Mid 90s, humid and sweltering.  A perfect time for a dip in the lake.  

But hot weather can mean hotter fishing.  And hot it has been.  Bass are fat from eating all summer, aggressive as there haven’t been any hatches and very aggressive.  Like clockwork they chase minnows morning and evenings.  They are mauling tubes and top-water.  All out-lakes are smoking.  And for the fly-fishermen it can be a ton of fun.

The walleye fishing continues to amaze.  The bite is still excellent and as the summer progresses smaller fish are much more easily caught.  Plenty in the 14-22 inch range while still hitting 28s – 30s.  Again we have kept a tally of the walleye numbers and it continues to grow.  The 27 inch class from a few years ago are now all 29s.  Here are the current numbers, our best year ever:

Size Count
26″ 46
27″ 54
28″ 56
29″ 66
30″ 37
31″ 5
32″ 4
34″ 1

The totals are impressive.  And just imagine how many new 30s we will see next year!  

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing Al and Troy Linder next week as they film a new show.  The first time they have been at the lodge in August.  August is sold out and will bookend the best summer we have ever had in our 31 years. 

We are currently taking reservations for 2018 & 2019.  Already June of next spring is rapidly selling out.

Thanks for a wonderful summer.