It seems like just yesterday we were pulling up to the lodge and getting her ready for the season.  Where did the time go?  What a wonderful season it was, our best ever!  August fishing did not disappoint that’s for sure.  Big fish hit our nets, very big fish.

Our walleye count continues to grow showing the strength  of our fishery and the result of catch and release on a trophy population.  We caught fish all summer long and the numbers surprised even me.  Here then is the count of big fish for the season:

Length Count
26 inches 59
27 116!
28 59
29 71
30 51
31 13
32 8
33 3
34 1

As we compare our numbers to prior years a few things stand out.  First off we have a good class of large fish about to hit the 30 inch mark.  So our 30 inch fish continue to grow.  What also jumps out is the huge class of high 20 inch fish (specifically 27 inch fish).  That bodes very, very well for 30 inch monsters in a few years.

What we don’t keep track of that is also important is the number of smaller fish (18-23) that hit our nets.  As the summer progressed it was clear that there is an extremely healthy population of these classes as we caught TONS of them.  For example.  Monsters are always found in the narrows in May and June.  But as the water warms they go deeper and most walleye guys seek them elsewhere.  But those people that did continue to hit this spot caught many small walleye.  So it is clear that the catch and release fishing has really helped!

Not to be out-done the bass fishing was just incredible. Literally thousands of good fish on all lakes.  The main lake continues to impress with the largest fish going 23 inches this year (1 inch off the catch and release world record).  The largest pike went 48 inches (on an out-lake) and lake trout 37 inches!  Well done to all.

Our new bathrooms were well received (and the last 2 are being re-done as we speak).  We are also up at the lodge right now for an extended period of time getting to jobs we just don’t have time to hit during the season.  The clubhouse just got a new roof, decks are being re-painted, hot-tubs fixed, etc.  We have ordered new furniture for cabin #3 (to match cabins 1 and 4a), and are looking to get the last brand new out-lake boats for the few lakes that need them.  The end result will be EVERY out-lake will have a brand new boat and motor.  The fleet will be complete.

Reservations are going along well right now.  We have decided that for the first time we are going to extend the 2018 season well into September.  Our closing date is @ the 15th as we feel the fall fishing can be incredible.  If you have always wanted to come up and see the fall foliage while fishing for true monsters then this is for you.

Our staff and I want to thank you for a wonderful summer.  At the end of the day it is our guests that make this job so worthwhile.

Have a great off-season and we will see you in May!

Ted, Virginia, Caroline & Sophia and The Hawk Lake Lodge Team