Hello all.  Been awhile since I have last posted.  Took some time off and did some fishing in Patagonia.  Nice to get away.  But its time to get ready for the season!!

Bookings are smoking hot right now.  June is just about sold out.  We have 5 open dates left and that’s all she wrote for that month.  May is very tight as well (we open on the 18th) and July is quite active.  If this is your time frame then by all means give me a buzz so we can lock down the last few cabins before they are all gone.

On a related note our new TV show shot last summer with Al and Troy Lindner (The Ontario Experience) will be airing in a few weeks.  Specifically the week of February 12th on The Sportsman’s channel.   It will air on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 17th.  We are very excited to see the lodge in action as we saw Al and Troy catch some monster fish last August.  I say this is related because based on past Lindner airings bookings typically increase by 700% for a few weeks. 

We are busy finishing our staffing for the season as well as lining up upgrades and improvements.  We have contractors on site doing work as I type this.  The last of the out lake boats have been ordered (4 of them with new motors of course) so every out lake (except for 2-3 which will remain untouched) will have a new boat on it.  This includes the last of the lakes Bass, Sapphire, Portage and Blue Herring.

I can’t wait to see all of you in just a few months.  Also, if anyone has access to Super Bowl tickets please let me know.  Cheers