This is the first post this season while at the lodge.  We arrived a week ago, with ice on the lakes and the winter’s destruction in full display.  As I walked into a dark, cold lodge in the late hours of the night with two dogs nervously in tow I immediately had a feeling something was amiss.  The main power breakers are in the kitchen and I therefore eased silently through the dark dining room to find the switches that would turn on the 2018 season.  As I peered into the kitchen I took pause.  There was destruction seemingly everywhere and my senses went into overdrive.  Could whatever that had decided to make a mockery of our fall cleaning skills still be here?  The dogs (and I) were not willing to take that chance.

We retreated to the apartment, still in darkness and closed the door behind us.  A new approach would be warranted in the morning.  After a cold night’s sleep we again headed to the kitchen with the morning light bolstering our courage.  This time there was no denying the fact that something had paid us a visit over the winter.  Garbage cans lay all about, power cords eaten, knives scattered on the floor, bins and plastics partially eaten.  Broken plates and glasses adorned the floors.  And there was scat seemingly everywhere.  As we continued our voyage of discovery it was clear this menace took no prisoners as he (or she) worked their way through the lodge, dining room, bar, tackle shop and 3 apartments.  Eating, pooping, chewing.  Hundreds of flies lay on the ground, binoculars broken, carpets and linens soiled.  A pine martin had decided to enjoy the off-season, apparently in style with no regard for our hard work in September. 

That fun was just the beginning.  One of the hardest winters in many years saw as many trees down and leaning than standing.  Think of an artillery range and you would be close to the amount of destruction around the camp.  Some staff headed to the Wolf Lake portage trail to make sure it was ready for all of you and they counted 92 trees that had to be cleared….on one portage.  A week later they are still working their way through the remaining trails.  It is like something we have never seen.

The last of the staff arrives today and we have made significant progress.  The sun shines down on a lake that lost ice nearly a week ago.  Walleye are in full spawn.  Bass are starting to come shallow from their wintry depths.  We have fished several times and it has steadily improved.  Big, big fish adorn our lines.

The fleet has been deployed on the main lake and we eagerly await our new out-lake boats for their maiden voyage into the bush.  In a few days we will be ready for our new and returning guests alike.  With a staff that is excited for another wonderful season.

See you soon