Hey there fishermen!  We have been super busy the first few weeks of the season.  We have been bustling with guests since the open and are super excited for what June has to bring.  May had some of the strangest weather we have seen in some time.  A really late ice out suddenly changed and went before our eyes.  This was quickly followed by 80 degree in the middle of May, unusual for sure.

We JUST received our first cold front this past weekend and now are back to nice weather.  The fishing has been all over the map.  Bass started their spawn super early and then pulled back.  As of now water temperatures are in the low 60s and beds are starting to pop on nearly every lake. 

We fished right through the walleye spawn and the number have been impressive.  After the post-spawn blues they are now cranking up and people are catching big fish, small fish, lots of fish.  They have moved into the narrows, and bass flats and mud bay and even started to be caught on Baldy.  The bass top-water bite is also picking up while most people target them with plastics and spinners.  Lake trout (especially on Wolf) are shallow, crappie have been caught on Mud and we have even seen a bunch of whitefish!  

All lakes are up and running with new boats and motors and we are sold out for the foreseeable future.  We do have some space in early July (as well as August) and would love to see you.