Hey guys and gals.  Been far too long since I have posted.  Been a crazy winter.  But don’t take our lack of silence as a sign of apathy.  We are working diligently behind the scenes to get ready for another killer season.  We have lots to report and seeing as I am recovering from the flu this will definitely be in no particular order.  Rather a stream of thought.  So, here goes….bear with me.

  • The upgrade list is always being added to. Much of this was in a newsletter this year but well, here it is again.  Every cabin will have a private hot-tub.  Last out-lake boat (for Paddy) was ordered.  New linen napkins for dinner service on their way.  Cappuccino machine for breakfasts.  Fresh pillows.  8 new mattresses.  2 new lounge chairs.  Robot vacuum cleaner for the lodge.  More tackle.  Lots more.
  • Returning staff is close to 75%, unheard of in this industry.  All department heads including Martina our killer chef are coming back.  3 returning guides and likely a cameo from our long time killer guide Andrew!  Staff is by far the hardest thing in this industry and we are blessed to have wonderful employees to want to come back.  Without them we would just be another lodge.
  • 3 new TV shows lined up next year. Angelo and Pete from Fishin Canada will be heading up in mid June.  Colin McKeown will be filming another fly fishing show along with world famous Tom Rosenbauer.  They will also be filming a TV show called Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing – Smallmouth Bass.  Tom is one of the most famous fly fishermen in the world and we are excited to get him up to our slice of heaven.
  • Phil Monahan from The Orvis News will come up and write an article for Grey’s Sporting Journal along with an accompanying photo shoot.
  • We were just named one of the best lodges in North America in a new book written by Sports Afield.  It should go to print this summer.
  • We still have a few dates left in June as well as May.  Great times.  First come first served.
  • On Tuesday I will be taking 17 days off fishing in South America.  As such I will be out of touch for much of that time.  I will return emails when I can as well as return phone calls.  Just not as fast as you might be accustomed to.

See you soon