Okay, it started 2 months ago.  My bad.  I promise to try and get on these reports in a more timely fashion.  Lots of things have happened since we opened.  Let’s see.

We had a late ice out so the open was a little slow.  Lake trout fishing was great, but the walleye and bass were less than cooperative.  But things tuned around quickly and by the time we were firing on all cylinders.  Bass spawned quickly and the walleye were in full form.  This has been the best walleye fishing I have seen in my 18 years at the lodge.  Once they turned on it was lights out.  As you know I have been tracking the walleye (large anyway) classes for going on a decade.  And that strong 27 inch class from years ago are all turning 30!  Many, many 30 inch fish this spring.  By my own unofficial measurements I see the larger fish growing about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch a year.  I would say our catch and release philosophy has paid off big time.

Bass fishing has been excellent.  the spawn completed in late June and since then big fish are in their usual spots.  We have had 2 may fly hatches which has slowed things down a little (including one now) but that’s why we have out lakes!  The main lake is slow across the board right now but the out-lakes have been excellent.  We expect the fishing to turn back on (on Hawk) in the next day or so and we will be right back on track.

We had Pete and Angelo from Fishin Canada film 2 shows this June which was a lot of fun.  Right after that Mark Melnyk and Tom Rosenbauer filmed 2 fly fishing shows, one for Orvis and the second for The New Fly Fisher.  In fact Mark set a line class world record on the fly catching a 31 inch walleye.  Pretty cool to watch and we are excited to see it on the final show!  Tom Rosenbauer and Ted recorded a pod-cast on how to catch walleye on the fly which I believe was well received.

We have been sold out since our doors opened and have met new guests from all over the country.  August will see a slow down in the beginning before we finish up with many of our regular guests and friends.  On a different note Roland Martin will likely be taping a bass show the last 3 days of the season!  Very excited to meet him.

All our best to our friends.