We are in throws of a typical Canadian summer.  Warm days, thunderstorms cropping up here and there, bass busting minnows and nice breezes at night.  The fishing has been quite good except for 3 days last week when the dreaded mayfly hatch hit (coupled with some bad storms).  While the walleye bite continues throughout a hatch bass indeed shut down as they gorge themselves.  For this reason I ALWAYS tell guests to never book a trip for a couple of days.  If you are going to come all the way to Canada 5-6 nights should be the norm.  You insure yourself against weather or hatches.  We want you all to have a great time and the one thing out of my control are those two factors.

The walleye bite has been exceptional.  More big fish than we have ever seen.  I will post the trophy numbers shortly.  Needless to say they are fat and many in the 29-30 inch range.  Bait balls can be found at all times of day surrounded by huge arcs as the eyes gorge themselves.  We caught a 28 a few nights ago that was so full of food it looked like a pre-spawn female.  Just a giant.  I had one of my most epic days in 18 years 4 nights ago.  I went out and saw the sonar light up with bait, surrounded by arcs of all sizes.  Bait fish everywhere.  In the span of 90 minutes I had a 23, 27, two 28s, a 30 and finally a 31.  Truly epic.  Very cool to call your shot if you will sight fishing (via sonar) for trophy fish.  Many of our guests have been doing much of the same.

Bass regularly bust the surface at all times of day, just like stripers.  Fun to see the blitzes.  

We are in the second half of our season and continue to meet new guests from all over.  Many new friends and personal bests.  For all of you that have not booked for next spring please look at your calendars.  We have an unprecedented amount of June reservations and its getting quite tight. 

I look forward to seeing many of you over the next 8 weeks as we end up our best summer in 33 years with young and old.

Tight lines