Cooler evenings have started to creep in as summer begins to slip away.  Several weeks ago our first (and last) heat wave pushed many fishermen into the water to cool off while pushing the bass even deeper into the depths.  Many bass blitzes sometimes throughout the day are fun to see for sure.  Our out-lakes slowed at the end of July and early August but with cooler temperatures the fishing has started to pick up.  Out-lakes that maybe had a dozen fish in the boat have popped to 30-40.  That number will only get higher as we transition into early fall.

Walleye fishing has been slow, not unexpected at this time of year.  A few big fish here and there.  We mark hundreds of big fish but what we also see on our electronics are large schools of bait fish.  The walleye have been gorging themselves on bait and often times snub their noses at our offerings. Fun to see them down there, frustrating when they spur our advances. But again, with cooler weather on the horizon they should come shallower and become much more aggressive.  The tail end of August until close usually marks some of the best fishing of the season.

As we start to wind down I want to thank our guests new and old.  A summer to remember with our best season ever numbers wise.  We have over 400 walleye 27 inches or better, another record (and I will post the tally at the end of the season). At least one world record fish (on the fly) and many fishermen with their first 30+ inch ever.

We eagerly await our friends from Tennessee who undoubtedly will bring their top-water expertise to Wolf and Mud lakes this weekend and post impressive results.  The fire will be hot, the beer cold and staff ready to meet the last few who walk through our doors.  A season to remember for sure