To our fellow guests and friends. We wanted to reach out to you with an update relating to the Coronavirus, the lodge and reservations. We have been monitoring the situation very closely and want to ensure you, our guests, that we are taking every precaution we can.


Some of you may be pondering about your upcoming visit to Hawk Lake Lodge and we feel being proactive with our long time guests is the best course of action. Here then are how we are approaching this ever changing situation.


  • Hawk Lake Lodge fully intends to operate this summer with a full staff as you have come to expect – from our chefs and guides to housekeeping and maintenance. We have some of the best around and we plan to have them with us all season long.
  • Our opening day (May 16th) has and will not change.
  • We hope and assume the social distancing restrictions will be lifted but should you find yourself not able to come during your booked time frame:
    • We are not able to refund deposits for cancelled reservations as per our refund policy. Should a majority of trips cancel the lodge would be forced into bankruptcy as there is no insurance a business can purchase that would address such a situation as this.
    • For those of you that bought the recommended trip-insurance with the cancel for any reason policy we can give you the proper documents to make sure you are reimbursed accordingly. We have used TravelEx for years and find them to be excellent!
    • However, we WILL allow guests to move their reservation to a later time in the season. If you want to, for example, push your June trip out to later in the summer we would be happy to accommodate you as we have many dates open in late July thru closing.
    • If there is enough demand/need to move reservations to later in the season, we have discussed extending our season into early October and our staff are prepared to stay on to continue to provide the level of service Hawk Lake Lodge is known for. We have never done this before. The fishing is excellent. Fall colors beautiful. Doing so will allow early season guests a 4 month extension, which is a full 6 months from now.
    • Don’t forget, if you are nervous about the flying part, make a road trip, it is a beautiful trip as Ted and the dogs can attest to.
  • We will continue to ensure we maintain a spotless resort. From rooms to boats, dining room to bathrooms. While we pride ourselves on keeping our place clean and tidy, we are increasing our protocols and tools to ensure we are in a safe and clean environment.


Hawk Lake Lodge is in a remote part of the world. A trip with us means a private cabin and boat, a dining room with typically @22 guests at a time. Fishing all day on a private lake away from crowds, noise, pollution. We can think of no better way to have a wonderful vacation while at the same time self isolating (as much as possible at a resort) and immersing oneself in the beauty of nature.


Please call or email us with any concerns. We are happy to assist with the changing of reservations, answering questions or just chatting. We look forward to seeing you this summer.


Ted & Virginia