Things are rapidly changing throughout the world and I wanted to keep our guests apprised of whats going on at the lodge and our current thoughts.  Since our last post (@ a week ago) the US/Canadian border has closed.  Big news for the 200,000 people that cross it on a daily basis but enormous news for hunters and fishermen that use it all year long.

The ice fishing season for US residents is now over and the spring bear hunt is very much in jeopardy.  After that who knows?  Those of you that know me know I like to always be planning.  Knowing this I have personally reached out to all of our guests from May through mid-June with the following message.  If we have a delayed start/opening those early season guests should get a second backup trip in the books.  We have room in July and most of August.  I recommend that you reach out to us (or respond to our email if you received one this morning) and give us an alternate date(s) for your trip.  If we don’t have to start late great!  Your existing trip is safe and sound.  But if there is a delay I want to make sure you get to come up later in the summer.

If the season is seriously delayed (and that decision we will have to make when we can, at a later date) then we will open up the season to all of September as we have said in our previous messages.  However I haven’t made that call just yet.  The next month will really be the deciding factor on many of these fronts so we will have to see.

Bottom line is we are looking forward to a great season.  Our returning staff and I are eagerly awaiting to get up the lodge and get her ready for all of you.  When that season starts is very much up in the air.  But no matter the date, we will keep open until everyone gets a great trip (or two) and we come together after such a trying time.

Ted & Virginia