I have started to get a few concerned calls and emails and thought I would put down in words a few thoughts. I always believe that the more we can communicate with our guests the better. 

To us, it is simply too early to determine what is going to happen and make a call on our June reservations let alone July and August. If we are in fact open all reservations will still then hold.  As such deposits are not refundable.  This means that if your trip is still on then let’s go fishing! I certainly understand everyone’s thought process but it is still too early to tell.

Canada has a population 1/10 of the US and this may settle down earlier than some predictions.  As a fallback, we have spots available all the way up to late September so we are prepared to move and re-book people. We do not credit deposits to the following year, with such limited capacity that would really hurt us and that is why we strongly recommend buying Travel Insurance when reserving trips.  

Our deposits confirm who is actually coming and allows us to keep our US office open and planning for the season. But with all that said, we understand this is a unique situation. We will work with our guests whenever possible but having such a short and costly season limits us on what we can offer.

With that said, we want to take care of you and your group as best possible and I believe the following is fair.

If we cannot operate for your regularly scheduled trip, you would reschedule for a later date this season. We could even pencil in a date as a back up. ( FYI- I love late season fishing). If that second trip washes out we will then need to determine how to handle trips for everyone.   Possible options are rolling forward a portion of deposits to next year.  How much rolls forward along with exact details would have to be determined when this actually occurs.  Please note, if we end up having to absorb too many of these without any government assistance many lodges, including Hawk Lake will be forced into bankruptcy. 

Canada will reopen the borders at some point. But as far as isolation, I can’t think of a safer spot than Hawk Lake.

I realize it is hard for all of us to plan ahead without knowing when this will end and I appreciate and share the uncertainty everyone is feeling.  Hopefully we have a  better feel for it in a month or so and start planning for better things. We will do what it takes to make sure it works out well for all. I really do have a feeling we will have a season, just not sure when it will start. 

Again, right now we do not have any idea what will happen. I cannot make guarantees of what will happen with reservations, deposits, credits, 2021 trips etc.  We will have to see what transpires between now and later this spring. There are so many scenarios here to wrap our heads around.  A partial season means much more flexibility. A cancelled season means financial disaster. There would be no money to refund! What happens if the season is so late lodges can’t staff up?  Or get their operations operational? Of course we have tried to anticipate all of these scenarios and done our very best to be flexible with everyone.  When we can start to make the call on how it will all roll out we of course will be in touch with every one of our great guests. However right now we are in a holding pattern.  Its not because we aren’t generous,  or understanding, or flexible.  It doesn’t mean we will not do our very best to ensure a trip this year or in the future.

We just don’t know.  Everyone be safe.