The season started just last weekend and already this spring is looking like one of the best openers in years.  With an early ice out and very warm weather right off the bat the lakes have quickly warmed.  Current temperatures are around 50 in North Hawk and upper 50s in the shallower Southern bays.  As a result the walleye bit started to take off just 3 nights ago, and the bass fishing is excellent.  Speaking of which parties are now fishing nearly exclusively topwater, unheard of so early.


Cliff lake is mid 60s and we are starting to see bass beds.  The main lake has bass in 6-12 feet of water adjacent to spawning bays.  Walleye have just started to hit the flats in the evening hours chasing their prey.  May fish in the upper 20s with a 30 inch caught yesterday.  Those of you about to arrive are in for a real treat.  We could not be more excited about what’s to come.