Hawk Lake and Surrounding SystemsHawk Lake Lodge is located on Hawk Lake, 2600 acres of coves, islands, rocky shores and prime fishing habitat. With no public access to the lake there is little to any fishing pressure and hasn’t been for half a century. Our guests also have access to 19 private lakes all of which are for the exclusive use of our guests. You can choose a different lake each day and you will be the only boat on the water. Complete serenity as you explore fishing waters only a handful of anglers have ever seen. 19 lakes in all (plus 2 other secret ones) it truly is a fisherman’s paradise. At any point in the season numerous lakes are always producing as we target 5 species of sport fish. Depending on the time of year, weather patterns and water conditions each lake will provide a different opportunity for your party. Very few lodges come close to the diverse fishing opportunities that we have here. Below please find summaries of many of our lakes and you will soon realize you could not find a better spot anywhere.

Bass Lake

Species: Northern Pike, Trophy Smallmouth Bass & Trophy Walleye.

Access is via portage from the southernmost bay of Hawk Lake. The portage, paralleling the Rushing River, is 840 feet in length with a 25-foot descent to Bass Lake. There are two islands. The island to the West is surrounded with large submerged rocks to its North side and many barely submerged rocks to its South side. Use caution in these areas. There is rock rubble bottom from West of the island to the river’s outlet. The second island to the South has reefs and rocks to both sides. There is a channel through the reef to the East of the island. Weed and soft silt bottom areas are to the South end of the lake. During high water conditions there is access to a very shallow, soft-bottom spawning bay off the South. Water clarity of 8 to 10 feet. Maximum depth is 35 feet. We have a 16-foot boat on this lake. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 12. Average Length 14.8 inches.

Bear Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass.

Located 3 miles to the East-Northeast of the lodge this lake is accessed via a 15 minute overland trail ride using a four ATV followed by a 400 foot walk on a level, dry portage. This shallow, tannin stained lake provides a fast-action Smallmouth Bass fishery. Average size fish run 14-15 inches. Water clarity to 6 feet. Maximum depth is 25 feet. There is a 12-foot boat on this lake.

Blue Herring

Species: Smallmouth Bass & Perch.

Access is via 1100 foot portage with a gradual but steady 80 foot vertical rise from Hawk Lake. This lake provides excellent fast action Smallmouth Bass. Water clarity to 8 feet. Maximum depth is 58 feet. Varied shoreline with cliffs to 80 feet along the East shore. Several shallow, submerged rocks and reefs in the Northwest bay. Use caution here. There is silt-sand bottom to the South end of the lake at the portage area. There is a 16 foot boat on this lake.

Cliff Lake

Species: Northern Pike, Smallmouth, & Walleye.

Access from Hawk Lake (without portage) through the river. Cliff is a mesotrophic lake with water clarity of no more than 5 feet. Maximum depth is 55 feet. Weed beds (cabbage) in North corner and South corner. Generally silt-sand bottom. High cliffs and numerous rocky outfalls and reefs along the South and Southwest shores. Sand beach to the East shore by the river mouth. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 8-12. Average Length 15.6 inches.

Hawk Lake

Species: Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Trophy Walleyes & Whitefish.

Hawk Lake measures North-South approximately five miles and East-West approximately four miles. Encompassing 2600+ acres, and an estimated 35 miles of shoreline, Hawk Lake offers excellent opportunities and protected locations to fish for Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Trophy Walleye and Whitefish. An oligotrophic lake with a forage base of Cisco and Lake Whitefish. The shoreline is generally very rocky with shear cliffs rising to 200 feet in several areas. There are a number of shallow underwater reefs and sheltered sand beaches scattered about the lake. There are six islands. The river enters at the North end of the lake through Viaduct and Cliff lakes. Streams enter Hawk from Mirror, Paddy, Saphire and Solace. All water flows through the southernmost bay into the Rushing River and Bass Lake. Maximum depth 420 feet. Water clarity is in excess of 15 feet. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 10-15. Average Length 15.6 inches. Average walleye length 28 inches (during prime time). Now, I have to update this as the walleye fishery has taken off. We are seeing great populations of smaller fish as well (16-24 inches). So your walleye count (i.e. numbers) will go up on the main lake but the average size will of course decrease. You will catch huge fish (28+), smaller fish (16-24 inches) and the chance for a true monster (35-40 inches). 

Lisa Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass.

Access from Mirror Lake via short 150 foot portage with a vertical rise of 40 feet. Generally excellent fast action Smallmouth Bass. Water clarity in excess of 10 feet. Mostly rock rubble bottom and shorelines. Very shallow rock reef off the South side with sharp drop-offs. Gradual sloping shore with silt bottom to the Southeast. Lisa Lake is approximately one half mile in length with a maximum depth of 40 feet. This is a fun little lake for our fly-fishermen as they cruise the shallows in a canoe and go after feisty Smallmouth. There is a canoe on this lake.

Little Hawk Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass & Pike.

Access is from Mirror Lake through a stream at the South end of the lake. Low water necessitates a 10 foot portage paralleling the West side of the stream. Very good early season Smallmouth in the north bay (depths to 10 feet). A shallow early-mesotrophic lake with a silt-sand bottom. Maximum depth 29 feet. Sand beach with gradual slope at the South end of the lake. Very dark tea-stained lake. Early season can find some huge pike. There is a 16 foot boat on this lake.

Lost Lake

Species: Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass.

This lake offers abundant quantities of non-trophy Northern Pike. Access is via 600 foot portage from the Northeast arm of Wolf Lake. Boat/portage service cannot be provided to this lake because of the double portage involved. Guests fishing this lake must take fuel with them. Maximum depth is 45 feet. Dark tannin stained water allows clarity to 4 feet. Many shallow weed beds. There is a 12 foot boat on this lake.

Mud Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike & Black Crappie.

Access via 3300 foot portage off the Southwest bay of Hawk Lake. This portage is relatively steep with a rise of 150 feet and descent of approximately 200 foot. The lake is approximately 3 miles in length with 13 miles of shoreline. A shallow navigable weedy channel approximately 500 foot in length divides the lake into two sections (east and west). The East section is 65 feet deep. There are several weed bottom areas and reed shorelines. The bottom is generally sand and gravel as is much of the shoreline. There are very high sheer cliffs to the North end. There are several shallow water reefs towards the South, one deep-water reef (25 feet) about mid-way up the lake and many weed beds. Water clarity is less than 4 feet due to dark tannin coloration. The West section is very similar in character although much deeper at 120 feet. The Southwest most bay is hard bottom and weed covered. There are two islands and one hazardous reef. Both sections have very good populations of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. There are substantial numbers of Walleye and Lake Trout as well. There are two 16′ boats on this lake with casting decks. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 15-20. Average Length 15.5 inches. Average walleye 23+ inches.

Mirror Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout & Northern Pike.

Access via portage from the east side of Hawk Lake (Mirror Bay). The portage is 250 foot in length with a gradual 15 foot rise. Excellent Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass populations as well as gigantic pike (two 50+ inch pike have been caught in the past 5 years). Very clear water with a clarity of approximately 18 to 20 feet. Depths North of the three islands no more than 30 feet. Fairly smooth bottom with scattered rocks. One very shallow submerged rock in northwest bay center, use caution. Very deep to the South of the islands with extreme drop-offs of 65 degrees or more. Maximum depth 115 feet. Several reefs in 15 to 20 foot of water toward the South end. Smallmouth hold very tight to steep drop-offs and downed trees along the shores. Mirror Lake can be difficult to fish with a strong North or South wind. It is recommended that this lake be referred to more experienced anglers with good casting abilities. There is a 16′ boat on this lake. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 11-14. Average Length 13.8 inches.

North Viaduct

Species: Trophy Smallmouth.

Access is via 3 mile overland trail with an ATV. Viaduct and North Viaduct are separated by a railroad grade approximately 50 foot high and 800 feet long. The lake is about 3/4 mile in length. It has a highly varied shoreline with cliffs to the West, railroad bed (broken rock ballast) to the South and soft bottom to the North. Good to excellent Smallmouth Bass. Water clarity of no more than 10-12 feet. Depth 42 feet. There is a 16′ boat on this lake.

Paddy Lake

Species: Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout & Perch.

Access via portage from Hawk Lake directly to the West of the lodge. This portage is 480 feet in length with a shallow 40 foot vertical rise and steeper descent. Water clarity is excellent at 15 feet. Maximum depth is 108 feet. Excellent to very good Smallmouth and Lake Trout. Good Northern Pike. Silt and weed sections located to the South end of the lake. Good top-water lake. Rock and rock rubble bottom with drop-offs approaching 90 degrees (vertical) in two sections of the lake. We have a 16 foot boat on this lake. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 15. Average Length 14.2 inches.

Portage Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike.

Access is via 3500+ feet portage with a vertical rise and descent of 100 feet. There is a 75 foot section of the trail that crosses low ground which can be wet. Excellent Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. The lake is approximately 1.2 miles in length with about 8 miles of shoreline. Many rock reefs and rock rubble bottom areas. Water clarity no more than 6 to 8 feet. Maximum depth of 48 feet. Weed beds and soft bottom areas are generally limited to the South bay of the lake. One island at the East end. Several barely submerged large rocks and reefs. Use extreme caution. There is access during high water conditions to another lake East of Portage. We have a 16 foot boat on this lake. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 14. Average Length 14.9 inches.

Saphire Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout & Perch.

Access from Hawk Lake via 450 foot portage with a 70 foot vertical rise. Saphire is a headwater lake and the clearest of all our lakes. Water clarity is in excess of 20 feet. Maximum depth is 80 feet. Usually excellent to very good Smallmouth Bass action (typically smaller). There are also some monster bass in this lake which can be caught fishing in deeper water. A very good Lake Trout population. There is a gently sloping sand beach east of the cliffs at the North end of the lake. The lake bottom is primarily rock with a silt-sand and rock rubble area along the West shore. We have a 16 foot boat on this lake. For families with smaller children that may be new to the sport this lake is a wonderful place to start. Fish can be caught on nearly every cast. Watch your kid’s eyes light up all day long. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 25. Average Length 13 inches.

Shannon Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass & Perch.

Very fast action Smallmouth Bass of generally smaller size. Access from Hawk Lake via a short, steep portage of 750+ feet. A small lake, about 2/3 of a mile in length and fairly narrow. Rock and silt-sand bottom. Shear cliff walls along sections of the East and West shores. Water clarity no more than 8 feet. Maximum depth 28 feet. Depending on ainfall and winter snow melt this lake can be extremely shallow. Another wonderful lake for fly-fishermen as there are thousands of smaller and eager smallies that will attack poppers and bass bugs. There is a 16′ boat cached on this lake.

South Viaduct Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike & Whitefish.

Access via 2 mile overland trail using an ATV. Very good Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. There is a small Lake Trout population and a healthy dose of nice sized walleye! This is a smaller lake that is very easily fished in an afternoon. When the lake is on it is just dynamite as a boat can catch all species faily easily. For those with children the ATV ride through the woods is worth the price of admission. Secluded sand beach to South end at the launch area. This lake has produced two blue walleye in the past few years. The North bay offers broken rock bottom along the railroad bed with a shallow rock reef in the center surrounded by 30 feet of water. The East bay is shallow with a silt and round rock rubble bottom and some weeds. The Rushing River enters the East bay from No Name Lake and flows toward Cliff Lake through a rocky rapids to the west. Water clarity to 12 feet. Maximum depth 72 feet. We have a 14 foot boat on this lake. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 20. Average Length 14.8 inches.

Wolf Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout & Northern Pike.

Access via 3800 foot portage from Hawk into a deep, silt-sand bottom bay mid-way down the West shore. Wolf Lake is approximately 4 miles in length with 16 miles of rocky shoreline. There are several sand beaches, many small bays and five islands. There are three very dangerous shallow water reefs near the South end. Use extreme caution in this area. Many of the shallow water areas contain weed. Much of the shoreline is littered with downed trees. Boat control can be difficult with a strong North-South wind although there are several sheltered bays that offer good protection. This lake offers excellent fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Maximum depth is 90+ feet. Water clarity varies from 6 to 8 feet. There is a 14 and 16 foot boat on this lake. Peak Average Smallmouth Caught per Hour: 15. Average Length 15.8 inches.